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Verification Process

*Note: Shopify website purchases will have its own verification process and the customer can submit their photos for pending approval after the website has been completed, reviewed, and transferred over to them for full ownership.

Prior to shipping orders to your customers we will first need to verify you as a seller. As part of our policywe must verify all website/membership purchases, orders over $200, and first-time buyers orders before we are able to ship them out. You would only need to verify once. We have this policy in place to protect our customers as well as our business. This will only need to be done once as long as your orders are placed using a card in your name. We need to verify your account since we will be shipping to various addresses from one card as this can lead to fraudulent chargebacks. If you would prefer not to verify your account, please let us know and we will provide you with a refund for your signup if your account has not yet been verified. 

To verify, we would need a photo of the credit card used, with ONLY THE LAST 4 DIGITS, EXPIRATION DATE, AND NAME. We also need a photo of YOU HOLDING YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE up to your face and one more close-up photo of your ID with ONLY THE NAME, ADDRESS, EXPIRATION, AND PHOTO. You can block out all of the other information on the credit card and ID.

By the fourth business day with no verification information from you, we want to remind you that your order will be canceled and refunded back to you